Friday, September 03, 2010


The article "Native Hawaiian Violence - An Investigation Of Violence As A Means To Achieve Native Hawaiian Sovereignty"
by Professor Thom Curtis is offensive and insulting.

With today's US national tensions e.g. political, cultural, racial, financial-class, etc. your offense and insult reeks of hate and racism.

Your premise are based not on facts, but instead on notions and unwarranted fears.

You cannot cite one instance where the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement has committed a violent act. Your assumptions are baseless.

I suspect in large part your mentality and attitude are closer to those of the foreigners who built sugar and pineapple plantations that sprung up throughout the Hawaiian Islands in the 1800's.

These corporate-people diverted our waters, destroyed (literally) the sustainable-lifestyle of Hawai`i and economically enslaved an entire working population of non-whites becoming dependent on the Plantation Barons-government politicians (post 1893) of those days.

Or perhaps Mr Curtis, it may well be you and your co-authors will do anything including blaming the Hawaiian Sovereginty Movement for your own country's economic and societal failings.

Let me be clear. The Hawaiian sovereignty movement is non-violent and peaceful, seeking justice and freedom under the rule of law.

Foster Ampong
Wailuku, Maui
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