Thursday, June 28, 2012


What They Say About Their Country & The US -

"The most common sense thing is for total independence.

We were a progressive modern nation of our time and recognized as a friendly, neutral nation within the Family of Nations, the predecessor of the League of Nations and the United Nations.

We had a democratic form of government, a constitutional monarchy with a bicameral legislative assembly.

The works and legacies of our monarchs are legendary and noteworthy.

Today under the illegally occupied American system, we are concerned about our lands, culture, people and lifestyle which has been under attack for over a hundred years.

The Kingdom of Hawai`i is not only Native Hawaiians but subjects of non-Hawaiian blood who were legitimate subjects of the Kingdom.

This racial argument is an American thing and not Hawaiian.

So our concerns are well within our scope to protect all subjects of the Kingdom.

We do expect reparations and restitution from the US for the injurious damages to our nation, land and people.

The US government is well aware of this and tried a piecemeal settlement through the Akaka bill.

If the tables were turned around; which would you do? I'm sure it wouldn't be a hard decision.

Remember, Hawaiians never hated America.

We were never afraid that another country would take us over; we had over twenty-four treaties with various countries but the US is the only country that broke their treaties with us."

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