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"They Said No - A Visit With Lynette Cruz"

It was back in 1897 after the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom Government  when 98% of all Hawaiian Kingdom Nationals alive at the time signed a monster petition protesting the annexation of Hawai`i to the US. History was made when that petition, carried to the floor of the US Congress, caused the treaty of annexation to fail. Recently the names on those petitions were brought back to Washington, DC in a dramatic, two-day display on the National Mall. Donʻt miss our amazing visit with Lynette Cruz as we walk amongst thousands of those ancestors and discover the powerful message they still have for all of us today - Watch It Here

MONDAY, December 10th At 5:30 PM O`ahu - `Olelo, Channel 53
MONDAY, December 10th At 6:30 PM Maui – Akaku, Channel 53
MONDAY, December 10th At 7:00 PM & FRIDAY, December 14th At 5:30 PMHawai`i Island – Na Leo, Channel 53
TUESDAY, Deecmber 11th At 7:30 PM, THURSDAY, December 13th At 7:30 PM & SATURDAY, December 15th At 8:00 PM - Kaua`i - Ho`ike, Channel 52

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"Back On The List - A Visit With Leon Siu"

For awhile, Hawai`i was right where it belonged - on a United Nations list of forcibly colonized nations. But in 1959 the US claimed Hawai`i was now the 50th state and Hawai`i was dropped from that list. After over half a century a move is now afoot to relist Hawai`i as an illegally occupied country. Hawaiian Kingdom Foreign Minister Leon Siu gives us an update on this effort and reveals some surprising new details not only about how it can happen but which other countries actually support it. - Watch It Here

SATURDAY, December 15th At 8:00 PM
O`ahu - `Olelo, Channel 53
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