Thursday, April 07, 2016


Please forward this to all Hawaiians and our supporters.

We want to bring to your attention a very significant power struggle that is currently going on behind the scenes at the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

By now many of you have heard that OHA Chair Robert Lindsey recently suffered a stroke while traveling in the US.

His condition is serious and contrary to OHAʻs public statement, there are presently no plans as yet for his return to Hawai`i.

While we wish Robert Lindsey a full and speedy recovery, questions have arisen as to whether his present condition will allow him to continue to serve as a trustee.

When situations of incapacitation such as this arise at OHA, it is the Vice Chair who temporarily steps into the leadership role.

Trustee Dan Ahuna is the current Vice Chair.

Reliable sources have informed us there is now a power struggle occurring within OHA to oust Dan Ahuna as Vice Chair.

We are told this attempt is being led by trustee Colette Machado.

Sources have revealed the reason for this outrageous attempted power grab is due to the fact that Colette Machado has been at odds with Dan Ahunaʻs position on three very important issues.

First, he is in favor of protecting Mauna Kea. Second, he did not support OHA funding of Kana`iolowalu (the Native Hawaiian Roll) or Na`i Aupuni. Third and most significantly, he has advocated that OHA explore and support other options including independence rather than just US federal recognition.

To those within OHA who are pushing ONLY for US federal recognition, trustee Ahuna is seen as a threat.

In short, trustee Ahuna is currently being undermined by some of his fellow trustees because Vice-Chair trustee Dan Ahuna has not sold out to power and influence.

Sources tell us that Dan Ahuna intends to fight this corrupt power grab and he needs your kokua now.

We urge you to contact the Office of Hawaiian Affairs today to express your support for trustee Ahuna to remain in his Vice Chair position. And let them know you are outraged at the attempt to unseat him.

Please also contact the other OHA trustees with the same message.


OHA - (808) 594-1835

Collette Machado

Peter Apo

Haunani Apoliona

Rowena Akana

John Waihee Jr.

Carmen Hulu Lindsay

Dan Ahuna

Lei Ahu Isa

Kamana'o Crabbe