Friday, September 02, 2016


Please forward this to all Hawaiians and our supporters.

We want to make you aware of a plan by Office of Hawaiian Affairs trustee Robert Lindsey to resign his OHA seat - but only after he wins re-election on November 8th.

In an email released by PBS Hawai`i, PBS confirmed that trustee Lindsey had cancelled his previously scheduled upcoming appearance on the PBS television show “Insights” due to “health concerns.”

This of course brings up the legitimate question of why he is running for re-election if his “health concerns” are that serious.

The answer lies in the replacement process upon an OHA trustee resignation.

In the event an OHA trustee seat becomes vacant due to resignation, it is the other trustees who select his or her replacement to fill that seat for the remainder of that term.

Robert Lindsey could even go so far as to "suggest" to the other trustees who his replacement could be.

In other words, he could dictate who the next Hawai`i island trustee should be, which would cancel out the votes of every single OHA voter.

However should the trustees be unable to reach a majority vote on their choice, then the appointment would fall to Hawai`i governor David Ige to make.

Sources have revealed that trustee Lindsey plans to resign his seat upon his re-election so the other OHA trustees, rather than the voters, can select his replacement.

This strategy reeks of more of OHAʻs typical “end-run” politics, exactly as they did with their failed attempts of the Akaka bill, Kau Inoa, Kana`iolowalu and Na`i Aupuni federal recognition schemes, that wasted $33 million dollars of Hawaiian beneficiary funds in the process.

Even more importantly, itʻs a blatant attempt to ignore your vote and manipulate the November 8th election.

Itʻs time to put a stop to this kind of treachery and deceitfulness and bring truth and transparency to OHAʻs leadership by electing Mililani Trask instead of Robert Lindsey on November 8th.

Please vote Mililani Trask for Hawai`i Island OHA trustee and say “NO!” to corruption and dishonesty at OHA.