Monday, November 07, 2016


Please forward this today to all Hawaiians and our supporters. 

In light of the fact that voting day is tomorrow, November 8th, we want to make you aware of some information that has just been brought to our attention.

Sources inside the Office of Hawaiian Affairs have informed us that should he be re-elected, Robert Lindsey is planning to step down soon after the election in order to attend to his serious health situation.

These same sources have confirmed to us that the person Mr. Lindsey would recommend to the remaining OHA trustees to replace him is Robin Danner.

Robin, who is the current SCHHA chairman, is also the culprit and mastermind behind turning Hawaiians into a US federally recognized tribe and also supports building the thirty meter telescope atop Mauna Kea.

By now, many of you have probably seen the recent photograph of Robin standing along side Robert Lindsey, actively campaigning for his re-election.

In light of this new information that Mr. Lindsey would seek to have Robin Danner replace him as OHA trustee, that photograph now takes on an entirely new and ominous meaning.

The appointment of Robin Danner as an OHA trustee would be a devastating blow to every single Hawaiian and a huge victory for those who continue to manipulate Hawai`i and Hawaiians to enrich themselves financially.

Therefore the defeat of Robert Lindsey in his bid for re-election is absolutely crucial

Because this has been disclosed at the very last minute, we strongly urge you to share this information immediately with as many other potential voters as possible who are still undecided who to vote for or are planning to leave the OHA trustees portion of their ballot blank

Given whatʻs at stake, we hope that you, as well as every one you know of voting age, will vote against Mr. Lindsey tomorrow and elect Mililani Trask in his place.