Monday, January 30, 2017


Please forward this to all Hawaiians and our supporters.

By now you are probably aware of the growing demand for a full forensic audit at the Office Of Hawaiian Affairs.

There are very good reasons why public calls are rapidly increasing for this type of financial investigation at OHA.

Since 2004, when OHAŹ»s annual budget was $19,000,000, spending has more than doubled to over $51,000,000 annually in 2015, while actual beneficiary speeding has remained constant over the years at only $9,000,000 per year.

Hawai`i News Now recently reported on $50,000.00 in beneficiary funds that were used in a secret payoff to keep allegations of sexual harassment by OHA trustee Peter Apo concealed especially leading up to the November election.

Hawai`i News Now has also reported that they are in possession of emails showing trustee Apo illegally diverted OHA resources to his own private consulting company.

Moreover both Civil Beat and the Honolulu Star-Advertiser have reported on widespread dysfunction and continued infighting within OHA.

All this while Hawaiians currently comprise approximately 30% of the homeless population in Hawai`i.

The allegations that corruption at OHA is widespread can no longer be ignored.
A full forensic audit conducted by an outside, independent CPA firm would address and answer these questions, laying them to rest once and for all.

However, there are those within OHA strongly opposing a full forensic audit.

Why would those who profess innocence and claim no wrongdoing on their part exhibit such strong opposition to this proposed investigation?

Certain individuals at OHA claim that a forensic audit is not needed as OHA is subject to state audits on a regular basis, yet has not posted results of any such audit at any time and refuses to make that information public.

It is time to tell the Office of Hawaiian Affairs that you demand a forensic audit.

Those individuals at OHA who have done nothing wrong have nothing to fear. Those who may have been complicit in wrong doing will be exposed and the misappropriation of Hawaiian beneficiary funds will be stopped.

We ask you to contact OHA today and let them know you support a forensic audit and “letting the chips fall where they may.”

Here are the individuals that need to hear you support a forensic audit at OHA -

Say “I Strongly Support A Forensic Audit At OHA.”

Trustees -
Robert Lindsey - - (808) 594-1855
Collette Machado - - (808) 594-1837
Peter Apo - - (808) 594-1854
Dan Ahuna - - (808) 594-1751
Lei Ahu Isa - (808) 594-1857