Friday, February 17, 2017


Please forward this to all Hawaiians and our supporters.

We wish to bring to your attention information and developments that are about to be announced by Office of Hawaiian Affairs Chair Colette Machado regarding an upcoming audit of OHA.

Highly reliable sources have informed us that Chair Machado will be appointing Davis Price, who is aide to Trustee Dan Ahuna, as the executive staffer in charge of the audit which was recently voted on by the Board of Trustees at the recent OHA Committee On Resource Management meeting.

As a former Na`i Aupuni delegate, Davis Price has a very significant conflict of interest in being part of this process, since substantial amounts of funding given to Na`i Aupuni by OHA are still missing and unaccounted for.

It should also be noted that Mr. Price has no background in audits, investments or land developments.

In short, his appointment is an attempt to hijack this audit so that missing funds and misspending at OHA will continue to be covered up.

These same sources stated that as of yesterday, his appointment had not yet been revealed to the other OHA trustees.

Our sources have told us that Davis Price has told fellow OHA staffers that he will be conducting a request for quotation (RFQ) which is a standard business process whose purpose is to invite CPA firms into a bidding process to conduct the audit.

He also expressed hope that any audit clears up “confusion” being caused by the current ongoing investigations of OHA by the state Ethics Office as well as the state Procurement Office.

These same sources have informed us that Davis Price stated that OHA Chair Machado has expressed her view that the state regulatory bodies currently investigating OHA do not understand that OHA is a 4th Branch of government that is "autonomous" from the State (i.e. OHA is exempt from some laws that other State agencies have to follow.)

Furthermore, Davis Price has said he will be informing the new in- house auditor about the OHA strategic plan on Nation-building and OHA's ongoing commitment to support the formation of a new federally recognized Hawaiian nation under the DOI Rule.

We urge you to contact OHA today to express your outrage that the coverup and whitewash of financial wrongdoing at OHA is continuing by attempting to neutralize this audit.

Demand that OHA place someone in charge of the audit procurement process who has actual audit experience and has no appearance of taint or hidden agendas.

Here╩╗s how to contact OHA today -

Kamana'opono Crabbe -

Collette Machado - - (808) 594-1837

Bob Lindsay - - (808) 594-1855

Peter Apo - - (808) 594-1854

John Waihe`e Jr. - (808) 594-1876

Rowena Akana - (808) 594-1860

Keli`i Akina - (808) 594-1976

Carmen Hulu Lindsay - (808) 594-1858

Dan Ahuna - (808) 594-1751

Lei Ahu Isa - (808) 594-1857

OHA Headquarters - (808) 594-1888