Monday, March 20, 2017


Please forward this to all Hawaiians and our supporters. 

This coming Thursday, March 23, 2017, at 10:00 AM the Office of Hawaiian Affairs will be holding an extremely important board of trustees meeting.

On the agenda is the final vote of the trustees to authorize “OHAʻs Chief Procurement Officer to issue a request for qualifications for an independent CPA firm to conduct a financial audit and management review of OHA and its subsidiaries.”

This vote by the trustees will give final approval for the long awaited, and long needed, audit to proceed.

Normally, a vote such as this is simply a “rubber stamp” vote.

However, a “no” vote by a majority of the trustees would immediately kill the audit.

We are therefore asking everyone who can, to attend this Thursday morningʻs meeting and testify in favor of the audit.

Since OHA trustees are very sensitive to beneficiary input and feedback, It is critical for everyone who is able to attend Thursday morning and show your support for the audit.

A strong showing of support for this audit by beneficiaries will force any trustee who is planning to vote “no” to think twice.

Should you be unable to attend the Thursday morning meeting, it is imperative that you make your support for this audit heard by calling and/or emailing the trustees today to demand they vote “yes.”

Please contact OHA today -

Collette Machado - - (808) 594-1837
Bob Lindsey - - (808) 594-1855
Peter Apo - - (808) 594-1854
John Waihe`e Jr. - (808) 594-1876
Rowena Akana - (808) 594-1860
Keli`i Akina - (808) 594-1976
Carmen Hulu Lindsey - (808) 594-1858
Dan Ahuna - (808) 594-1751
Lei Ahu Isa - (808) 594-1857

Kamana'opono Crabbe -

OHA Headquarters - (808) 594-1888