Thursday, April 13, 2017


Hereʻs The Documentation -

Robin Danner / OHA BUDGET

From: Mililani Trask
Date: April 12, 2017 at 9:22:57 PM CDT
To: Nola Ota, OHA Records Specialist
Subject: Fwd: Your request for information

Mahalo Nola,

I have forwarded all to the FBI and attorneys. I will send this along as well.

OHA has again failed to implement the law in Chapter 10 and the use of the budget spreadsheet prepared by Robin Danner indicates that non-OHA employees have accessed State fiscal documents and created fiscal assessments for their own purposes. 

OHA has transferred millions to Danner & the State created Kanaiolowalu group without any accounting. 

I anticipate that the new OHA spreadsheets include significant funds for Danner & other special political initiatives that do not further the interests of the OHA Trust or its beneficiaries.

I have received written verification from several beneficiary groups who were not included in the Danner distribution list limited to SCHHA that they wee not given the Danner spreadsheets and did not even know of their existence.

Mililani B. Trask