Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Hawaii Tribune-Herald- June 19, 2017 - By Jeff Hansel

World Peace and Prayer Day has chosen Hawaii Island as the site of its main 2017 gathering that is running through tomorrow on Mauna Kea Beach Dr. in Kamuela.

The annual event’s website says “prayers will be offered for the heavens at Mauna Kea and for the highest fresh water at Lake Waiau, for the entire Earth through offerings to the sacred fire at Kilauea and for the ocean by the Hokule`a voyagers.”

Lakota Sioux Nation Chief Arvol Looking Horse, keeper of the sacred White Buffalo Woman pipe told the Tribune-Herald in a telephone interview that various countries ask for the event to visit each year.

The location is chosen through prayerful reflection. Participants are invited from “all faiths, nations, races, ages and genders who share concern for the welfare of humanity and the Earth to share in one prayer.” It has been held before in countries such as Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Organizers say Mauna Kea (also known as Mauna a Wakea or the Mountain of the Sky Father) as a “sacred mountain holds mana – spiritual and divine powers – and is a focal point of spiritual and cultural significance to connect with the ancestors, energy and life forces, as well as the ancestral realms. Mauna a Wakea is a place to connect in union with the divine Aloha of the Creator.”

The Peace and Prayer Day gathering allows spiritual individuals to pray together, regardless of their personal faith, and seek healing for the earth....

“...We just hope the local people can come and join us,” Looking Horse said.