Monday, July 31, 2017


The Koani Foundation has given its fifth annual Hawaiian Kingdom Patriot Awards honoring two Hawaiian Kingdom patriots yesterday Sunday, July 30th at Sky Gate Park on Honolulu Civic grounds in Honolulu.

The award presentation took place as part of a daylong observance of La Ho`iho`i Ea, Hawaiian Sovereignty Restoration Day.

Williamson Chang and the late Hilbert Clarence Kahalelehua Smith, Sr. are the 2017 honorees.

University Of Hawai`i professor Williamson Chang of Honolulu was honored in recognition of his years of legal scholarship which has helped to expose the deceptive claims of annexation of Hawai`i by the US and subsequent fraudulent Hawai`i statehood. Professor Chang is being given the Living Patriot Award.

The late Hilbert Clarence “Kahale” Kahalelehua Smith, Sr. of Anahola, Kaua`i was honored posthumously for his advocacy of placing Hawaiians on homestead lands. 

This advocacy ultimately resulted in his death in January , 1996 when Department of Hawaiian Home Lands officials attempted to evict him from his home. 

He had stopped his mortgage payments to protest shoddy construction work of his Anahola Hawaiian Homestead home.

Rather than be evicted and face arrest, Kahale set his home on fire and remained inside.

“These two amazing individuals have dedicated their lives for the betterment of Hawaiians as well as the rightful restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom,” stated Koani Foundation Director Al Ku`ahi Wong.

“Both Williamson Chang and Kahale Smith are inspirational examples of what it means to live oneʻs life as a Hawaiian Kingdom patriot. Williamsonʻs amazing research into the truth about Hawai`iʻs real status as an independent kingdom and Kahaleʻs willingness to lay down his own life in protest for landless Hawaiian brethren are both inspirational and deeply moving.”

Hawaiian Sovereignty Restoration Day marks July 31,1843 when British Admiral Richard Thomas ordered the Union Jack lowered and the Hawaiian Kingdom flag hoisted above Honolulu, ending five months of British occupation and restoring the sovereignty of the Hawaiian Kingdom government to legitimate power.