Tuesday, July 04, 2017


Today At 10 AM At `Iolani Palace In Honolulu

Beginning at 10 AM today on the front steps of ʻIolani Palace in Honolulu, La Ho`iho`i Ea will present a dramatic re-enactment of the events that led to proclaiming into existence of the Republic of Hawai`i and the subsequent installation of Sanford B. Dole as President of the Territory of Hawai`i.

“With Bible in hand, pistols in their pockets and American Naval troops at the ready, men gathered on the steps of `Iolani Palace on July 4th, 1894.

Invoking the name of American liberty, they dismantled the liberty of the people of the Hawaiian Kingdom.”

This exciting re-enactment is free and open to the public.

The script, a work in progress, has been prepared using input from several noted Hawai`i scholars and historians including writer/producer Tom Coffman , Poka Laenui of Moʻoaupuni and Dr. Lynette Cruz of La Ho`iho`i Ea. The “work in progress” event is being staged by MarshaRose Joyner. The four have worked together since 1989 under the banner of Sacred Times and Sacred Places. 


• Queen Lili`uokalani – Kumu Hina Wong-Kalu

• James G. Blaine – Kioni Dudley

• Henry Cooper – Jay M. Fidell

• Sanford Dole – Stuart Feinberg

• Francis Hatch – Henry Curtis

• Albert Francis Judd – Peter Carlisle

• W.O. Smith – Jeff Pompadur

• John L. Stevens – Thomas Baldwin

• Lorrin Thurston – Roger Epstein

• Thomas Williams – Scott Foster


Poka Laenui

Tom Coffman