Monday, March 14, 2005


A New, Exciting Way To FREE HAWAI’I No Matter Where You Live !!!!

The Koani Foundation is pleased to announce receipt of thousands of colorful new Free Hawai’i bumper stickers and lapel pins and . . . they’re absolutely free.

Help us spread the Free Hawai’i message far and wide. Wherever on Earth you live, contact us by email, snail mail or phone to request your stickers and pins. We’ll ship them out immediately with no cost to you at all.

Our Request – When you receive them, please display your Free Hawai’i bumper sticker and pin prominently and publicly. Email a photo of yourself with the sticker and pin.

Send Us Your FREE HAWAI`I Photos In Any Of Three Different Ways

1 – Bumper sticker on vehicle adjacent to the license plate. License plates from throughout the 49 United States and foreign countries are a special plus.

2 – Bumper sticker displayed prominently in a public place; at a business you own or patronize; inside, outside; anywhere people can see it easily.

3 – Bumper stickers hand-held in front of famous sites or geographic features; the Statue of Liberty; the Boston Tea Party ship; the Liberty Bell; the Alamo; the Golden Gate Bridge; the Mormon Tabernacle; the Grand Canyon; Big Ben; the Eiffel Tower; the Great Wall of China. The possibilities are endless.

What We’ll Do – When we receive your photos, we’ll post them on
www.FreeHawaii.Info for all the world to see; we’ll also share a few select ones from time to time in this email group and possibly feature them on our internationally distributed “Voices of Truth” television series.

To show our appreciation, all photos from outside of Hawai’i, will be awarded an Aloha March 2000 Commemorative CD as our way of saying mahalo.

Request Your Free Hawai’i Stickers and Pins –, Or PO Box 1878, Lihu’e, Kaua’i 96766, Or call us at (808) 822-7643

Email Your Photos To –

Show The World You Support A FREE HAWAI`I !!!!