Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ke Aupuni Update

For all intents and purpose, the nearly 20-year push for "Federal Recognition” ("Fed Wreck”) — to make "Native Hawaiians” into an American tribal nation — is going down in defeat. 

The clock has run out.

The last-ditch flanking maneuver by the Obama administration to have the US Department of the Interior (DOI) sneak fed wreck through a side-door failed. 

Due to the solid stance of “A`OLE!" by Hawaiian patriots, a Native Hawaiian tribal nation did not materialize for the DOI to “recognize" (even if it could). No tribal nation… nothing to recognize!

We know that the Office of Hawaiian Affairs spent at least $33 million of beneficiariesʻ funds pursuing one form or another of ʻtribal nationhood. Itʻs probably way more than double that amount if you factor in State of Hawai`i funds, US federal funds, ali`i trusts funds, non-profit organizations funds, corporate funds and personal funds.

…All this expenditure of time, energy and money to pursue something that the Hawaiian people expressly said they did not want in the first place!

The defeat of Fed Wreck is a major victory for the people of Hawai`i. With virtually no money or other tactical resources, we went up against Goliath with pebbles and prevailed.

The victory also means that, with Fed Wreck out of the way, Hawaiians can concentrate more fully on independence. The nearly 20-years struggle under extreme adversity has made us strong, resilient and focused. We know what we want and we know that nothing can stop us.

We are entering into an exciting new phase, that of re-instituting, restoring and building a Free Hawai`i.