Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Their Goal - Rebuilding The Hawaiian Kingdom

The Coalition of Hawaiian Nationals will be out in full force at Onipa`a, the all-day event observing the one hundred twenty-fifth year of the illegal seizure of the Hawaiian Kingdom government held on Wednesday, January 17th.

“We will mark this important date  as will many others by calling upon the US to de-occupy the Hawaiian Kingdom,” states Hawaiian Kingdom Foreign Minister Leon Kaulahao Siu.

“But we will also utilize this wonderful opportunity to focus everyoneʻs attention toward the future; to fire up the movement to Free Hawai`i and help people realize that our country, the sovereign, independent Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands is awakening, coming alive again and that everyone, native Hawaiian or not, is welcome to be a key part of it.”

Coalition of Hawaiian Nationals members and supporters will be holding Free Hawai`i and Hawaiian Independence banners and signs at events at `Iolani Palace as well as the Hawai`i State Capitol that day as well as educating others about a Free Hawai`i.

While many Hawaiian Nationals are those who are living, modern day descendants of citizens of the Hawaiian Kingdom prior to the illegal overthrow in 1893, a Hawaiian National is any individual, native Hawaiian or not, who identifies as a citizen of and supports the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Significant events of Onipa`a Kakou will include a Peace March starting at 9 AM at the Royal Mausoleum which will end at `Iolani Palace where the Hawaiian Kingdom flag will be raised at 10:45 AM.

Expected to draw large crowds, this all-day event is free, open to the public, and will include hula, live music, cultural ceremonies arts and crafts and food.

Hawai`iʻs children, elders, parents and all families are invited to join together to mark this significant and historical day.