Tuesday, April 09, 2019


Please forward this today to all Hawaiians and our supporters.

We wish to make you aware of a quickly developing situation that has very serious negative consequences for Office of Hawaiian Affairs beneficiaries.

An attempt of devious trickery is about to be perpetrated by the“Old Guard” Trustees led by Dan Ahuna and if successful it would deal a serious blow to transparency at OHA.

As you are probably aware the forensic audit being conducted at the Office of Hawaiian Affairs is currently scheduled to be completed by the end of this month with results released soon thereafter.

However, at tomorrowʻs OHA Committee on Resource Management meeting, Trustee Ahuna will be putting forth Action Item RM #19-02, which if approved, would delay the completion of the forensic audit as well as results released to beneficiaries and the public from April 30, 2019 to December 16, 2019.

Hereʻs why it is so critically important that this Action Item be defeated in tomorrowʻs Resource Committee meeting.

The contract of OHA CEO Kamana`opono Crabbe will expire June 30, 2019.

Should Action Item RM #19-02 (delay of forensic audit) be approved by a majority vote of OHA trustees this coming Wednesday, it could delay until December 16th any reporting of potential wrong doing discovered by the forensic audit which could include wrongdoing by OHAʻs CEO and administration.

That would mean OHA beneficiaries would not learn of any potential wrongdoing by OHAʻs administration until six months AFTER OHAʻs CEO contract had been potentially renewed for another three years!

Your help is urgently needed to demand OHA trustees not delay the completion of the forensic audit until December 16th when it will be too late to act on any wrongdoing uncovered by OHAʻs administration.

We ask that you do two very important things -

First, contact all OHA trustees immediately - today is the final day to do so -  and demand they vote AGAINST Action Item RM #19-02 at tomorrowʻs Committee on Resource Management meeting. Tell them you insist on transparency and accountability for all OHA employees and OHA funds.

Secondly, we ask that if at all possible you ATTEND and give testimony against this action item at tomorrowʻs meeting at 10 AM at OHAʻs headquarters in the OHA Board Room at Na Lama Kukui, 560 Nimitz Hwy., Suite 200, Honolulu 96817.

It is critically important that you let them know in person that you demand accountability and honesty.

We have attached below the OHA Action Item RM #19-02 official document.

Please read it.

Please contact Dan Ahuna and the other OHA trustees to let them know you demand they vote to defeat tomorrow this underhanded attempt to hide potential wrongdoing by OHAʻs administration.

If you have not already done so, please contact OHA right now -

Colette Machado - colettem@oha.org - (808) 594-1837

Bob Lindsey - robertl@oha.org - (808) 594-1855

Kalei Akaka - kaleia@oha.org - (808) 594-1854

John Waihe`e Jr. - crayna@oha.org (808) 594-1876

Brendon Lee - brendonl@oha.org (808) 594-1860

Keli`i Akina - TrusteeAkina@oha.org (808) 594-1976

Carmen Hulu Lindsey - hulul@oha.org (808) 594-1858

Dan Ahuna - dana@oha.org (808) 594-1751

Lei Ahu Isa - leia@oha.org (808) 594-1857

Kamana'opono Crabbe - kamanaoc@oha.org

OHA Headquarters - (808) 594-1835