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 We Are a NATION! We Are Not a TRIBE!

Maka`ala! Watch out! Here it comes again! Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz is the new chair of the US Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. Sources say there will soon be yet another attempt to corral “Native Hawaiians” into an American tribal nation. It’s like: “Trust us, we know whatʻs best for you.”

Yes, itʻs hana hou “Akaka Bill” and “Fed Rec” (“fed wreck”), only sneakier and more dangerous. Bundling Native Hawaiians into a bill with real American Indian tribes that want Federal Recognition, practically guarantees passage. That means, Hawaiians would get swept along in a fed Rec group plan.
Fed Rec gives American Indian tribes some degree of autonomy and access to U.S. government programs. But for Hawaiians it would mean further encroachment on our lands and other rights trampled under the heel of the US Government… On top of that, it would be administered by the infamously dysfunctional Bureau of Indian Affairs!
Everybody in Hawaii nei should oppose Fed Rec for the scam that it is. Even better, we should grab this opportunity to expose to Congress and the world that this is another example of international criminal acts by the United States in their ongoing unlawful occupation of our country. Not only are we not American Indians, we are not even Americans! This is an opportunity to tell them the Hawaiian Islands is a sovereign, independent country, not a fake state of the United States!
The only legitimate action that the U.S. can take is to Free Hawaii.
Please note we are neutral regarding Federal Recognition for actual Native American tribes. That is their business and their choice to make. Just leave Hawaiians out of it.

It’s time to hele mua...

This is the opportune time to move forward to initiate The Huli... to flip the tables and restore our Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands. If we can muster the political will, we can do this! International mechanisms (like de-occupation) are available to help us restore our nation to reflect values and priorities rooted in aloha ʻāina, mālama pono, kapu aloha...

The more we stand as a nation and assert the Hawaiian Kingdom is alive and kicking, the more obvious the U.S. false claim becomes and the sooner we will be a Free Hawaii.

Please join the ku’e action to rename McKinley High School and to remove the offensive statue by signing this online petition.


Ua Ola ke Ea – Sovereignty Lives
A Year to Celebrate the Hawaiian Kingdom – Past, Present and Future
Still in the process of ramping up…
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