Saturday, February 27, 2021


















Over the pat 20 years, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs squandered at least $30 million of beneficiaries' money trying to get "Federal Recognition" — to make Native Hawaiians into American Indian tribe. 

They failed miserably because we said NO! 

But a couple of days ago, Trustee Hulu Lindsey, chair of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, addressed the US Senate Indian Affairs Committee (chaired by Sen. Brian Schatz) indicating that OHA is again hoping to pursue Fed Rec. 

This is disappointing! 

You'd think that after 20 years, she'd realize Hawaiians don't want Fed Rec. 

For 12 years we fought (and beat) the Akaka Bill in Congress; then we battled Kanai'iolowalu, Na'i Aupuni and the Dept. of Interior schemes to a standstill. 

Let's send a message to OHA: A'ole Fed Rec... We don't want to be, an American Indian Tribe... We want our country back...