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Under the settlement, which must be approved by the Hawaiʻi State Legislature, the state will pay the plaintiff class $328 million in exchange for a full, global release of all claims, including damages, attorneys’ fees, and litigation costs.

The $328 million payment will also cover claims administration costs and the cost to retain a court-appointed Special Master to oversee and account for the funds. 

Only those people who filed claims with the Hawaiian Claims Office between 1991 and 1995, and who applied or attempted to apply for a homestead before June 30, 1988, are a part of this lawsuit. 

If you did not file a claim with the Claims Office you are not part of this lawsuit and cannot join it or participate in the Settlement. 

SUPER SAD STAT: 953 of the original 2,700+ clients HAVE DIED waiting for this deal.

Source - HULI