Friday, January 14, 2011


Hawai`i nationals want and deserve freedom just as much as US citizens do.

Some say, “the illegal act of war that overthrew your Queen can’t be erased . . . like it or not, you’re all Americans now.”

Yet every day we see people around the world fighting for and winning back their national rights. Their quest like ours is totally legitimate and very real.

Like everyone else Hawai`i nationals want four basic things –

FREEDOM The freedom to decide their own future for themselves. That “freedom” was taken away when the sovereign Nation of Hawai`i was taken over in 1893. It was taken away again by illegal annexation to the United States in 1898. And, it was taken away a third time by the fake statehood vote in 1959.

According to international law, a new vote must to be taken that offers three options – 1) Independence, or 2) Free-Association or 3) Integration (nation within a nation.)

RIGHTS The rights of the independent nation of Hawai`i were never relinquished. The suppression and denial of these rights must cease.

Everyone who descends from citizens of the Hawaiian Kingdom prior to 1893, native Hawaiians and all others, are entitled to these rights.

IDENTITY The political identity of Hawaiians must be acknowledged by the United States. Hawaiians will decide their own future, without interference by the US.

Only those with any measure of indigenous blood may define who is native Hawaiian. A blood quantum imposed by others is an unacceptable means to divide and conquer.

LAND BASE - Hawaiians love their country and lands just as much as US citizens love the US. Hawaiians want all their land back, not just some of it.
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