Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Clear title, regarding legitimate legal ownership of land in Hawai`i is a topic quickly becoming an issue in the political and commercial areas.

With more lands being "quiet titled" in the courts with the aid of foreign laws (US and fake state of Hawai`i) illegally imposed against the rightful and legal owners of these lands with a judicial system aiding and abetting in these crimes, it's no wonder developers are eager to cash in big time by building luxury homes for rich foreigners throughout Hawai`i.

To this day, land titles in Hawai`i continue to carry the original royal patent from the Mahele of 1848.

If the US government or fake state of Hawai`i and their citizens rightfully have clear title to these lands, then why hasn't the US patent office replaced the royal patents as was done in the other 49 states?

Answer - Each royal patent has been "adjudicated," making them all a legal decree.When purchasing land, a "warranty deed" is issued instead, not clear title per se.

It's no different than if someone steals your car and attempts to sell it to someone else - they can't convey the "pink slip" to the new owner because they never had it in the first place - they're simply selling stolen property.

That's Why There Is No Clear Title Today To Land In Hawai`i - It's All Legally Still Hawaiian Kingdom Lands.

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