Friday, July 19, 2013


A move for Hawai`i to secede from the US would be both unnecessary and inappropriate.

Much like removing the top coat of paint to reveal the one underneath, the US Congress, after consultation between Hawaiians and the US at the level of state to state, could simply enact a US federal law that dissolves the entity known as the “state government” in Hawai’i.

What would be left in its place is what has existed all along anyway without interruption – the Nation of Hawai`i.

Only at that point, would it be appropriate for the citizens of Hawai`i to decide their future as it relates to a relationship with the United States.

Those possibilities would include –

Full Independence -
Joining once again the family of nations in the world.

Free Association - Much like Palau and the Federated States of Micronesia.

Integration With The US - Becoming a state again or a tribe of the US under federal recognition.

Did you know that when Ronald Reagan was president, one of the most conservative US presidents in recent times, his administration actually granted the Marshall Islands independence in 1986, which then lead to a free association relationship with the US?

Precedent for Hawaiian independence exists right now within US law as outlined above.

There are
no laws that exist today within the US to prevent the US federal government from dissolving a state government.

It's only fear and ignorance that holds the status quo in place.