Saturday, January 16, 2016

Consider These Facts -

The Native Hawaiian Roll Commission (NHRC) Kana`iolowalu, whose sole purpose was to create a Roll, submitted 741 form mostly unsigned testimonies to the Department of Interior in support of creating a draft rule or process for Federal Recognition in 2014.

Robin Danner, NHRC Roll Commissioner, admitted publically "People don't like to hear it, but the only result the Na'i Aupuni process can get, is federal recognition."

Hundreds of testimonies were submitted by Imua Hawaii in support of the DOI Proposed Rule in 2015. 

Many were submitted and accepted late. 

Imua Hawai`i is comprised of Na`i Aupuni candidates that include the Lilikala Kame`eleihiwa, mother of NHRC commissioner Naalehu Anthony, Jade Danner the sister of NHRC Robin Danner, Catelin Aiwohi (OHA Washington, DC employee, Dr. Noa Emmit Aluli, Annelle Amaral, President of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs, and a member of the Hewa Hui, Rep. Kaniela Ing, and many others connected either to OHA or the Democratic Party machine.

The mediators of the 'Aha Na'i Aupuni is a former OHA Administrator with history supporting HA Hawaii, Linda Colburn, and Peter S. Alder that designed a consultation process on behalf of TMT.

The "predetermined" week of education for candidates has two Hawaiian educators who have supported the Akaka Bill and federal recognition, Davianna McGregor and Melody McKenzie. 

The other educators are Rebecca Tsosie, who has served as Executive Director of the top ranked INDIAN Legal Program, Zachary Elkins, an expert on the federal process and federalization, and Catherine Iorns Magallanes, who is the only person versed in Self-determination and the UN.

There will be security there to keep the peace. 

Who will be there to protect supporters of a Free Hawai`i?