Saturday, April 30, 2016


Please forward this to all Hawaiians and our supporters.

Mahalo piha, full thanks, to everyone who showed up in person at the last minute yesterday at the Hawai`i state senate or helped spread the word online about SB 2816, the stateʻs sneaky attempt to pass legislation which would place new legal restrictions on Mauna Kea protectors.

Because of your kokua, the Hawai`i state senate did not vote on SB2816 yesterday as planned, but instead delayed the vote to this Tuesday morning, May 3rd at 9 AM.

Their cover has now been blown.

State legislators are now having second thoughts and becoming squeamish about rushing this bill through the senate now that they know you are watching their actions.

It is imperative that large amounts of public pressure be placed on them from now until Tuesday so that they will not vote in favor of SB 2816.

Therefore we ask everyone who can to be at the state capitol this coming Tuesday morning at 9 AM to express your opposition in person to this outrageous legislation.

Should you be unable to attend Tuesday morningʻs vote, please let all senators and Gov. Ige know right now how you feel about this attempt to secretly undermine Mauna Keaʻs protectors.

You can email Hawai`iʻs state senators here -

You may contact David Ige here -

Again, mahalo for everyoneʻs quick and immediate kokua yesterday.

Your voices were heard loud and clear. Your influence works.