Thursday, May 19, 2016


Hawaiian Homestead Communities Outraged By Actions Of Robin Danner

(HONOLULU, HAWAI`I) - Outrage, anger and disbelief are the main reactions of Hawaiians who live on homestead land to a bombshell report that began airing online yesterday on Free Hawai`i TV.

The report, aired on the Koani Foundationʻs Free Hawai`i Broadcasting Network at, revealed that Sovereign Councils Of Hawaiian Homelands Assembly (SCHHA) chairperson Robin Danner evicted her own sister, Jade Danner Jones and her family earlier this year from a Waimanalo, O`ahu Hawaiian homestead property for non payment of rent.

The home in question is leased by Robin Danner from the Department of Hawaiian Homelands (DHHL.)

Free Hawai`i TV obtained copies of court documents of the eviction and has posted them online here -

“Response has been both immediate and intense,” reports Free Hawai`i TV host `Ehu Kekahu Cardwell. “People are outraged and want answers.”

“Isnʻt there a rule in place that a person can receive only one residential homestead?” is a question that many have asked.

“If Robin has a Waimanalo, O`ahu homestead in her name, and yet she lives on an Anahola, Kaua`i homestead, whose name is on the Anahola homestead lease? There is something highly wrong with this womanʻs apparent control of so much DHHL property,” is sentiment expressed by many.

“This is who is in Washington, DC this week claiming to speak for Hawaiians?” asked another homesteader.

“These kind of people would sell out our keikiʻs birthright and future for a few crumbs from the U.S. angrily stated a Hawaiian National.

Since being posted online this yesterday, the Free Hawai`i TV video report continues to evoke outrage and anger amongst many throughout social media sites online.