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Updates On The Restoration Of Ke Aupuni O Hawai`i, The Hawaiian Kingdom

Things have been getting really intense past few months, weeks and days. We are seeing remarkable developments in the movement to Free Hawaii. The independence momentum continues to build every day. Imua! 

I started this newsletter several times over the past few months, but things kept on getting busier and new developments kept happening… so this is kinda long. I’ll post some more in-depth stuff to

Fed Wreck…the saga continues…
The Na’i Aupuni Debacle – The obsession over federal recognition has gotten more desperate and more bizarre, leading to fraud on fraud on fraud. Under heavy criticism and dissension over the highly flawed document produced at its Aha ("constitutional convention”) in February, Na’i Aupuni wrapped up its work, closed shop, dissolved itself and left the responsibility for “ratification" of the so-called “constitution" to those "delegates” who ramrodded the Aha. With no power to delegate such responsibility, Na’i Aupuni chose this clique to develop and organize a ratification process to adopt (or reject?) the highly flawed “constitution” to create the governing framework for a Native Hawaiian nation.

So, a group of sorta-appointed, non-elected delegates from a kangaroo convention, intend to use a fraudulent list of voters to conduct a vote to ratify a "constitution” seeking to create an illegal governing entity to be recognized by the US federal government agency as a Native American tribal nation.

The Fed-Wreck Scheme
As you know, “federal recognition” (a.k.a. fed wreck) of a Native Hawaiian tribal nation is the scheme the US government and the State of Hawaii came up with to avoid having to return the Hawaiian Kingdom to its proper status as an independent country. Having failed for 12 years to get Congress to “recognize” a Native Hawaiian tribal government, fed wreck proponents have been trying to get the Department of the Interior to do the dirty deed. In public hearings two years ago the people of Hawaii trounced the “fed-wreck” scheme. The people resoundingly said, "Hawaii is being illegally occupied and we want our country back!"

In spite of the people’s ardent opposition and protest, the state agency, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, has spent millions of dollars to try to fabricate a fake “Native Hawaiian” tribal political entity…money that should have gone to beneficiary programs for health, education, housing, etc.

Fed-Wreck Hawaiians Go to Lobby DOI in DC
The week of May 13 to 21, a delegation from the Sovereign Council of Hawaiian Homes Assembly (SCHHA) (headed by Robin Danner) and the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement (CNHA) (founded by Robin Danner) and other fed wreck proponents were in Washington DC to do 'full-court-press' lobbying at the Department of the Interior (DOI) and other US offices and agencies to push for "federal recognition" of a Native Hawaiian tribal nation.

We, the Loyal Opposition
To counter this, I went to DC to talk with those who can help us put measures in place to prevent the DOI from making such a move. Basically, the stage is set for congressional action, lawsuits and political pressure to deter any DOI or other administrative initiative for fed wreck. The discussion on counter measures was supported from home by a barrage of protests and warnings from hundreds of koa Aloha Aina to key people in Washington.

What “nation" are they talking about?
Those lobbying in DC for fed wreck are calling for the DOI to recognize one of two entities as the Hawaiian tribal nation.
The first candidate would be the governing entity that would be created by the implementation of the highly flawed Na’i Aupuni Aha “constitution” adopted in February under highly irregular (possibly illegal) circumstances.
The second candidate would be the SCHHA (Sovereign Councils of the Hawaiian Homelands Assembly) a group of community associations from Hawaiian Homestead Lands. The claim is, because these associations are the product of the 1920 Hawaiian Homes Commission Act passed by the U.S. Congress they are already somewhat “federally recognized."
Far fetched? It would seem so. But with the US’ record of monumental injustice toward Hawaii, and with this administration in particular, they could plow ahead with creating a tribal nation where none previously existed.

So even though there are counter-measures in place, we have to be alert and ready to continue to block fed-wreck and, more importantly, assert the Hawaiian Kingdom as a sovereign independent nation.

The US East Coast…May 2016
In May, prior to going to Washington, DC. I was in New York City to organize two Decolonization Alliance panel presentations reporting on the amazing progress being made for freedom in Rapa Nui, West Papua, Puerto Rico, Alaska, First Nations of Turtle Island and Hawaii. These dialogues were well attended and provided news of positive developments and strong encouragement for pressing on with our endeavors to free our countries.

We had some very productive meetings with key UN leaders regarding the Hawaii situation. Not only is awareness growing, but we are receiving helpful guidance on how to navigate the waters of the international community.

In Washington, DC as mentioned above, we set up defenses against the DOI implementation of federal recognition. Also began to create an Aloha Aina cell group for future ku’e actions in the DC area.

I also visited Hokule’a while she was in the Washington, DC area, then returned home.

Back in NYC…early June 2016
A couple of weeks later, I was back on the East Coast…

The wa’a kaulua Hokule’a arrived in New York City on Sunday, June 5. Several of us from the ku’e movement (Liko Martin, Laulani Teale, Lynette Cruz, Lynda Saffrey, Clare Apana and I) were there to welcome our canoe on this leg of it’s worldwide voyage, Malama Honua. Fellow Hawaiian patriots living in NYC, Keoni Defranco, Kaina Quenga, Kris Kato, etc. played key roles in the protocols and ceremonies of Hokule’a’s visit. There were several events and festivities around the canoe’s visit, including the UN celebration of World Oceans Day on June 8 and the Liberty Challenge outrigger canoe races on June 11.

[NOTE: Malia and I (as Leon & Malia) have been involved with Hokule’a since 1975. We wrote a song for the maiden voyage to Tahiti in 1976, then in 1977, wrote the soundtrack for the award-winning National Geographic documentary, “The Voyage of the Hokule’a”. We were in New York to sing/perform not only to celebrate Hokule’a’s visit to NYC, but to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of its arrival in Papae’ete, Tahiti. Performing at the Liberty Challenge canoe races and for keiki at a pre-school in the Bronx were added bonuses.]

The Ku’e Continues…
In conjunction with these canoe events, there were a series of Ku’e capacity building meetings and events on the US East Coast. It was an amazing combination/joint effort with presentations by Aha Aloha Aina, a film screening at New York University, kanikapila and ku’e talk story, lecture by Keanu Sai, etc.

The combination of several agendas (Hokule’a, United Nations, Red Ribbons, Aha Aloha Aina, Koani/Free Hawaii, Ku’e Petition, Lynette, Keanu, East Coast activists) came together extremely well in presenting a message of purpose, enthusiasm and optimism in this movement for Hawaii’s independence. Everyone did their part well and gracefully supported one another.

This tour was important to connect with and activate core groups in New York and in Washington, DC who will be key to carrying Hawaii's story to the larger public. Kalama Niheu and I also used the time to meet with key officials to tell them that the fed wreck scheme is a terrible idea and that it is strongly opposed by the people. We also listened and learned a lot about what’s really going on.

Liko and Laulani's "Red Ribbons Tour” provided the perfect platform to engage people and let our cause be known without being strident or overtly political. The educational component of Aha Aloha Aina and the Ku’e Petition created a broader/deeper dimension for people to engage. It was kako'o and kakou.

On June 17, on the 119th anniversary of the day Queen Liliuokalani filed her protest (the “Red Ribbon” document) with the U.S. State Department in Washington, D.C., Liko and Laulani re-created that action by re-submitting the Queen's protest, along with a demand for a proper response from the U.S. After that, we had a press conference at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indians (where the exhibit "The Sovereign Hawaiian Nation" is on display), followed by a sing-along procession/stroll/march to the US Capitol and a picnic on the Capitol grounds.

It was a very special time of remembering, honoring and setting things in motion.

On to Geneva…late June 2016
From DC I proceeded on to Geneva where we had another productive time attending the 32nd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Williamson Chang, Routh Bolomet and David Rees-Thomas joined me as part of the team representing Hawaii. Attached is a press release of violations we cited of recent serious human rights violations by the U.S. in Hawaii.

I participated in 5 panel events having to do with the right to self-determination. Williamson Chang spoke on two of those panels (unfortunately, he was here for only two days). Our events drew large audiences and stimulating exchanges. Routh Bolomet was on another panel sponsored by a South American organization. Her talk on ho’oponopono so impressed the sponsors, they invited her to come back to conduct ho’oponopono before the start of each HRC session!

Besides the panel events, there were opportunities for general schmoozing and informal yet positive meetings with diplomats from various countries. Among them were four ambassadors from Pacific Islands states whom we’ve been talking with the last three years in New York. Seeing our level of engagement in Geneva, helped them realize the significant progress we’ve made at the UN. They offered encouraging comments and positive suggestions on how they may assist in moving us forward.

During one of the main general meetings, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands made very strong statements supporting independence for West Papua…that elicited strong reaction from Indonesia. One of the main West Papua leaders (in exile in the Netherlands) was there with us and quite excited at what transpired. We’ve been working together for a number of years. He is also a founding member of our Decolonization Alliance in New York. I recently co-authored an article with a noted Turkish writer, suggesting how the UN could solve West Papua problem using existing policies and procedures…something that would also help in the de-occupation of Hawaii, Rapa Nui and others.

We’re also consulting with some prominent international lawyers intent on helping us with legal and political strategies to use with the UN and member states…starting with the Pacific Island nations…

The Brits' vote to exit from the European Union is remarkable! Less than two years ago British leaders were trying to convince the Scotts not to leave the UK. They warned Scotts of dire economic ruin that dis-unity would bring. Well, the Brits narrowly won that, but now their whole country voted to leave the EU!… giving real meaning to the terms, “irony” and "self-determination."

The move has triggered lots of speculation about the possibility of not only further break-up of the EU, but of Texas, Vermont, California, etc. seceding from the U.S. Suddenly, Hawaiian independence is not so inconceivable after all. In fact, given the current mood for de-centralization, anti-globalism, self-determination, Hawaii has arguably the best case for reinstating its independence as that would be simply “normalizing” our relationship with the US and the world.

There is a powerful force for freedom moving. Besides what’s going on with the "big boys” the situations in places like West Papua and Rapa Nui have changed so remarkably that freedom has come within reach.

Here’s another irony: The more progress we make, the more we need to increase our efforts… the less resources we have to work with. Awe! The work increases, the funds shrink. How you figga? I don’t know what to do except to say, “Help!”
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Aloha ʻĀina
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