Friday, July 15, 2016


The Bellingham Herald - July 5, 2016

Attorneys representing roughly 300 people who face disenrollment from the Nooksack Indian Tribe received a major victory as the tribe’s court of appeals ordered jail time for a court clerk if she does not file their paperwork.

Nooksack Tribal Court Clerk Betty Leathers has until Wednesday, July 6, to return paperwork that was filed by attorneys Gabriel Galanda, Anthony Broadman, and Ryan Dreveskracht to a file that was created in March.

Otherwise, the three-judge panel on the Nooksack Tribal Court of Appeals has ordered the Nooksack police chief to arrest and hold her in jail in contempt of court until she does so.

The June 28, order came after the appeals court already had warned Leathers she could face jail time if she did not give them an explanation or file the paperwork from the three attorneys and others in the Galanda Broadman firm, which has been representing roughly 300 members who could be removed from the Nooksack tribe’s membership rolls.