Saturday, July 16, 2016

Robert Lindseyʻs disappearance at OHA started long before his stroke.

Over the last six months prior to his stroke, Bob Lindsey had not responded at all to the following important issues needing attention - charter school funding, the Mauna Kea contested case and the OHA Mauna Kea Ad Hoc committee.

Created months before his stroke, the OHA Mauna Kea Ad Hoc committee has never set a single agenda, or has ever had a single meeting with Hawai`i Island Protectors or even attempted to be in communication with them in any way.

Prior to Robert Lindseyʻs stroke, Hawai`i Island residents who are directly affected by these important issues were unable to get any response from trustee Lindsey or any of his staff.

Since his stroke, two other OHA trustees have requested trustee Lindsey to at least call in for meetings, but he has not been able to because of "his health & the stroke.”

More than a few people are beginning to contrast trustee Lindseyʻs situation and behavior with Mark Takai who was honest enough to let voters know his real physical condition and to step out admitting he could no longer do the job of an elected official.

Instead, Robert Lindsey keeps setting "target dates" to return to work. The target dates come and go while trustee Lindsey is nowhere to be found and not getting the job done.

- Mililani Trask