Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Ke Aupuni Update - September 26, 2016 

The United States launched another attack against the national sovereignty of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the human rights of the people of the Hawaiian Islands. This is part of a long history of abusive actions taken by the U.S. to perpetuate its illegal, prolonged occupation of Hawaii. It is also meant to quash the Hawaiian independence movement.

It’s disgusting that “President” Obama (born in the occupied Hawaiian Kingdom), is approving a modern-day American cavalry charge to attack, corral and subdue Hawaiians…so American interests can complete the stealing of our lands. In essence Obama it’s okay with him for the DOI to apply 'version-2016' of the genocidal actions used to attack, corral and subdue the first peoples of Turtle Island in the 1800s. Now they want to give us Hawaiians the same treatment! And tell us it’s for our own good so we’ll go quietly to the slaughter.

It is a blatant attack on our sovereignty and our dignity. Some of our people's responses to this attack can be found HERE

So, here's the deal. Occupier-in-chief Obama approved a "rule change" to allow the US Department of the Interior to grant federal recognition (we call it fed-wreck)  to a yet-to-be-concocted "Native Hawaiian-American Indian tribe"...

It’s mostly hype. It is a last-ditch attempt by Fed-wreck backers…an act of desperation. They had tried everything else. So now they're resorting to manipulating Obama to bypass Congress' authority to give the DOI the power to “recognize” Hawaiians as a tribe. But even if the president gets away with this sneaky maneuver, federal recognition through the DOI is not a done deal.

Fed-wreck does not have the support of native Hawaiians, definitely not Hawaiian nationals nor any other stakeholder. I would dismiss it altogether, except that, knowing the way the powers-that-be operate, danger still lurks. I wouldn't put it past the US and its collaborators to manufacture a fake nation and manufacture fake consent.

We have been consistently maintaining that the Hawaiian Kingdom is a sovereign nation in continuity and the United States' claim to the Hawaiian Islands is completely false. But the US and its highly-funded hype machine has the media bamboozled into advancing the US narrative, including federal recognition.

All the more urgent that we make some formal moves to assert our national sovereignty and expose the United States' gross violation of international laws. The fact that the US is in Hawaii illegally must be exposed for the world…as well as those in Hawaii….to see.

Using football as a metaphor…the recent Obama action is a “Hail Mary!” pass. The football is just flung out to the end zone hoping someone is there to catch it for a touchdown. It’s an act of desperation that usually fails… Usually… But, there is a chance that it could succeed! Especially if the one who tossed the ball is also making up the rules, or even more the case, is not following the rules.

Thus, we cannot let down our guard. We have to be vigilant and bat down the ball and make sure no one catches it. That’s an effective defense and over the years we’ve gotten pretty good at batting things down.

But, we all know the best defense is a strong offense. So what can we do to go on the offense?  

What if we intercept that "Hail Mary pass"… and run it all the way into their end zone! Touchdown! (more like Checkmate!) That’s taking the challenge to them! Let’s take their last desperate play and turn it into a victory for us.

Here’s what we do -

We say, “We are glad you’re ready to recognize and restore a government-to-government relationship."

"Meet our sovereign, independent Hawaiian Kingdom. How about you, the U.S., recognize this real "government-to-government” relationship?… one that you already recognized through several treaties dating all the way from 1825!”   

Leon Siu