Saturday, October 01, 2016


Malama Solomon, Kealii Makekau and Paul Mossman Call for New Leadership 

Retired State Senator and former Office of Hawaiian Affairs Trustee Malama Solomon has joined the ranks of native Hawaiian and community leaders endorsing Keli`i Akina, Ph.D., for OHA Trustee-at-Large in the November 8th general election.  

Akina is running against long-term incumbent Haunani Apoliona.  

These endorsements come as Dr. Akina continues to voice opposition to the wasteful spending by veteran OHA trustees on federal recognition, which has diverted millions of dollars from housing, jobs, education, and health-care for Hawaiians. 

Solomon, who sat on the first OHA board of trustees, stated, “I’m supporting Keli`i Akina for Trustee-at-Large… because, OHA, we definitely need a change in our leadership!”  A video of Solomon’s full comments, made at a public gathering near her residence on the Big Island, may be viewed at

Kealii Makekau, who ran unsuccessfully against Akina in the 2016 primary election stated,  “It is my immense pleasure to endorse Keli`i Akina.  Akina has been able to listen to the requests and will of the Hawaiian people.  I believe Keli`i Akina is the best qualified of the two candidates.  With a strong presence like Akina, the existing weaknesses we currently find with the OHA Board of Trustees will cease to exist.”

Paul Mossman, who also ran unsuccessfully against Akina in the 2016 primary, said “Under Dr. Akina’s stewardship we can expect OHA resources to be put to use promoting the best cultural and economic benefit for those of native Hawaiian ancestry, which in turn, will help promote the general peace and prosperity of all citizens of our State.  Native Hawaiians and all those who love Hawaii and her people need to support Keli`i Akina for OHA Trustee at Large!”