Thursday, March 02, 2017


Stand With Hawaiian Nationals In Our Quest For Justice. Join Our Effort To Bring Peace & Reconciliation To Our Island Home By Offering In-Kind & Material Assistance

Learn More
Take the time to become educated about Hawai`iʻs situation. Read the articles and briefs on as well as other Hawaiian independence websites.

Spread The Word
Tell your family and friends about this exciting movement to restore the Hawaiian Islands as an independent nation.

Take Action  
Get involved with various activities to Free Hawai`i. There are resistance actions, protests, petitions and media events in which you can participate. To get on an email list to receive updates, send your name and email address to

Make Contributions
Finances are needed to step up education. engage in international diplomacy, organize and execute Ku`e actions and building our nation. 

Contributions Of Any Size Are Welcome 
You may make a contribution through PayPal payable to - or mail a check payable to "Context Communications" PO Box 23055, Honolulu, Hawai`i  96823