Thursday, June 01, 2017


H.E. Leon Kaulahao Siu, Minister of Foreign Affairs Of The Hawaiian Kingdom & Diplomat Marcelo Tito at the Leahi Millennium Peace Garden

Minister Siuʻs Acceptance Statement -

I am deeply honored to receive these honorific mementos from the International Parliament. It helps to underscore the valuable role that the Hawaiian Kingdom has played and can continue to play in international matters.

Respected kupuna Aunty Pilahi Paki foresaw a Twenty First Century world in deep strife… and that the world would look to Hawai`i for healing. Aunty Pilahi said that Aloha would be its remedy.

Aloha is the powerful legacy left to us by our ancestors and exemplified by those such as our beloved Queen Lili`uokalani.

Despite the many challenges we have faced, the Hawaiian Kingdom is moving forward with Aloha. It is who we are and what we do best.

The strained condition of the world today makes it urgent that the issues be addressed with Aloha. Whether it is social injustices, health, housing, food, water, local economics, global trade, political conflict, human rights, armed conflict, refugees, mass migration – all can be best resolved if Aloha is at the core of our motivation, our behavior and our intentions.

With that said, we have to address the elephant in the room …

It is ironic that we — the people who speak of peace through Aloha — are being threatened with nuclear annihilation, due to the long-running occupation and hyper-militarization of our islands by the United States of America. The extensive US military installations in Hawai`i has made our islands a primary target for enemies of the United States; the most prominent today being, North Korea.

The Hawaiian Kingdom is seeking to peacefully intervene to urge both parties to stand down and the UN, for the sake of its humanitarian obligations, to stand up… and act to save the Hawaiian people; the resident aliens; and the guests in our islands — from nuclear annihilation.

Once the immediate danger is defused, the lasting solution would be the reinstatement of the Hawaiian Kingdom as a peaceful, neutral state, and the full withdrawal of the United States military, its weaponry and its ways of war.

 Malama pono i ka honua (preserve harmony and balance in the world). Aloha ke Akua!