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July 4th and the McKinley Stigma

While Americans celebrate July 4 as their Independence Day, the date means quite the opposite to Hawaiians and many other peoples around the world, because this year, July 4 will mark the 123rd anniversary of the start of America’s overseas imperialism.

July 4, 1894 was the day the Republic of Hawaii proclaimed itself to be the government of the Hawaiian Islands for the sole purpose of handing Hawaii over to the U.S.

July 4, 1898 was the day the U.S. Congress passed the infamous “Newlands Resolution” purporting to annex the Hawaiian Islands.

In both July 4th actions, the perpetrators virtually gave themselves permission to take over the Hawaiian Islands. Thatʻs like someone saying to you, “I now own you and your home because I wrote a document yesterday that says I own you and your home.” Preposterous, right? But that is essentially what happened to Hawaii…

On July 7, 1898, three days after Congress passed the Newlands Resolution, President William McKinley eagerly signed the bogus measure. And five days after that, on July 12, an annexation ceremony was held at ʻIolani Palace in Honolulu where the leaders of the four-year-old fake “Republic of Hawaii” committed high treason by handing over control of the Hawaiian Islands to the United States of America.

Thatʻs the real legacy of July 4th in Hawaii. Not independence, but subjugation.

The McKinley Stigma

When the U.S. took over, the schools of the Hawaiian Kingdom’s education system (one of the best in the world) were used to indoctrinate students to: 1) forget the truth of what happened, and 2) embrace America as their mother country.

Years passed, and all vestiges of Hawaiian national identity, and much of Hawaiian culture disappeared. Generations of Hawaii’s children became patriotic Americans. The top public school in the islands, Honolulu High School, was renamed President William McKinley High School and became the flagship of the propaganda program to inculcate the American way. 

While the academic achievements and corps dʻesprit of the high school is undeniable and admirable, the name McKinley, from what is now known about the man, is an anathema that perpetuates a monumental lie — that Hawaii was annexed by the United States. What happened to Hawaii was a ruthless hijacking, not an annexation.

President McKinley not only violated the sovereignty of the Hawaiian Kingdom, he unleashed a virulent brand of American imperialism that caused havoc and untold death and destruction all over the world for the past 123 years.
As long as the school bears the name of President McKinley, it will bear the stigma of the fake annexation and his abusive policies of American imperialism.

Removing the stigma of the McKinley name would serve to: preserve the merits, dignity and legacy of the students, faculty and staff of the school itself; set the record straight with historical accuracy; maintain the integrity of the Stateʻs education system (by not teaching a curriculum of falsehoods); and serve as a significant step toward truth and reconciliation to the generations of Hawaiians who suffered from the loss of their country.

These are just some of the compelling reasons “President William McKinley High School” should revert to the name, “Honolulu High School.”


The U.S. presence in the Hawaiian Islands is neither legitimate nor immutable.

The more we stand as a nation; the more we assert the Hawaiian Kingdom is alive and kicking; the more others will begin to see a Free Hawaii emerge.
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Rename McKinley High School and remove the McKinley statue! They told us we were adopted but then we found out we had been kidnapped! To honor the abductor as if he’s a hero is creepy and bizarre. Sign this online petition NOW! Tell everyone you know to sign it too! -
Let Hawaii Have an Olympic Team! Surfing has been added to the Olympic Games, but Hawaii is not being allowed to participate as a nation. That means Hawaii’s surfers will be forced to surf for the USA instead of for Hawaii, like they normally do. We are working to change that. Sign the Hawaii in the Olympics petition NOW! Tell everyone you know to sign it too! -
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