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Hau‘oli Lā Kū‘oko‘a iā kākou – Happy Independence Day to All
178 Years of Independence

In 1842, King Kamehameha III, the young ruler of the Hawaiian Islands, sent a delegation of three men to the other side of the world on a mission: to secure assurances from the three major world powers at the time — the United Kingdom, the Kingdom of France and the United States of America —that they would respect and protect the sovereignty of the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands as an independent state.

The mission succeeded… On November 28, 1843, at the Court of London, representatives of the British and French Governments signed the Anglo-Franco Proclamation, that formally recognized the Sandwich Islands (the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands) as a sovereign, independent nation-state, making the Hawaiian Kingdom the first non-white country to be accepted as an equal into the euro-centric Family of Nations… It also kept the Hawaiian Islands from falling victim to colonialism which was running rampant in the Pacific at the time.

The Anglo-Franco Proclamation was followed by treaties with 40 or so other countries (including several with the USA). These treaties fortified the Hawaiian Kingdom’s standing as a sovereign nation and Hawaii developed into a highly active, innovative, progressive country with over 130 diplomatic posts in cities around the world.

King Kamehameha III declared that henceforth in the Kingdom, November 28 would be a National Holiday to be celebrated as Lā Kūʻokoʻa, Independence Day.

This is the 178th anniversary of that historic event. Hulo! Hulo!

Lā Kūʻokoʻa, is this solid foundation upon which we are reactivating and building the Hawaiian Kingdom today.

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Malama Pono,
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