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There was a major breakthrough at the recent session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva last month resulting from the issues we have been hammering at for years at the UN and other international venues. In early October, the council adopted HRC Resolution 48/7 titled: Negative impact of the legacies of colonialism on the enjoyment of human rights. It exhorts all the mechanisms of the UN to get serious about issues related to promoting self-determination and eradicating vestiges of colonialism, something the UN has been avoiding for years.

Even though Hawaii was never colonized this resolution will be extremely useful to our efforts to free Hawaii from the U.S., not only at the UN’s human rights bodies, but especially, at the UN General Assembly (UNGA) where we are focusing on triggering a procedural review of UNGA Resolution 1469 of December 12, 1959.

By that resolution, sixty-two years ago, the UN General Assembly decided that Hawaii’s political status was settled: that the Hawaiian Islands was, henceforth, an integrated part of the United States. The adoption of Resolution 1469 depended entirely on the United States’ report (A/4226) to the UNGA. It said that through the 1959 referendum (the “statehood plebiscite”), the Hawaiian people had freely consented to become a state within the United States. What the General Assembly did not know at the time was that the U.S. lied to them. There was no genuine consent of the people. Report A/4226 was false and caused the UNGA to make a critical error in its decision.

The erroneous UNGA Resolution 1469, confirming Hawaii as part of the United States, is what has been blocking all attempts to restore the Hawaiian Islands as an independent country. But it is also the achilles heel of the U.S. claim. A simple procedural review of the UNGA’s decision making process will reveal that the General Assembly’s critical error in adopting UNGA Resolution 1469. At that point, UN rules of procedure demand the error be corrected. That would entail rescinding or revoking Resolution 1469, thus proving political status of the Hawaiian Islands was, indeed, NOT settled!

That would make the United States’ claim to the Hawaiian Islands evaporate! And the Hawaiian Kingdom, the sovereign, independent nation-state in continuity, would step into its rightful place!

We are getting very close to triggering that procedural review of UNGA Resolution 1469.

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