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Why Are We At The UN?

Did you know that Hawaiians have been advocating at the UN for nearly 50 years? Starting with Kawaipuna Prejean who in the 70s teamed up with AIM (the American Indian Movement) and native leaders from around the world to confront the UN for its deafness to indigenous voices. Over the years, many other Hawaiians followed, including: Poka Laenui, Mililani Trask, Bumpy Kanahele, Kekula Crawford, Kaiopua Fyfe… They all contributed profoundly to the creation of bodies like the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and the UN Expert Mechanism for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; and the drafting of the landmark, UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

In 2006, I began attending UN sessions on a regular basis, using a diplomatic approach, to inform the international community about what really happened here in the Hawaiian Islands and where we want to go.

Keep in mind...
We are not at the UN to… seek “recognition” from the UN or to join the UN.

We are there to cause the UN to stop being complicit in the United States’ false claims, and illegal presence in the Hawaiian Islands.

Initially, as we related our story and our desire to free Hawaii, diplomats, experts and officials at places like the UN, would say, “You have our condolences... we wish you all the best...” In other words... “Good luck in taking on the U.S.!”

Then, as we persisted, a few years later, their response started to shift to, “Do you really think it is possible?” Some trial balloons went up... like when Pakistan, in a human rights review of the USA, suggested that the political status of Hawaii, under international law, may not yet be settled. Coupled with recent international court rulings the diplomatic community began to see flaws in the U.S.’ narrative. Hmm, maybe it is possible...

A few years ago we turned the corner and the response became, “How do you think we can help?” Since then, our discussion with various international actors has been to find a way to discredit and remove the claim that the Hawaiian Islands is part of the United States.

Two years ago, we identified and developed a strategy which we are now pursuing. It focuses on what the United Nations did, not what the United States did.

In 1959 the UN General Assembly, passed UNGA Resolution 1469, accepting (without verifying) the U.S. report that the people of the Hawaiian Islands voted and gave their consent to become part of the United States.

Our plan is to encourage the UN General Assembly to review the procedure it used in the adoption of Resolution 1469. In doing so, the UN will discover for itself that the Hawaii statehood vote was a scam and that the UN General Assembly was tricked into adopting Resolution 1469.

Thus, the UN would be obligated to correct their error and rescind Resolution 1469. At that point, the U.S.’ claim of legitimacy to Hawaii evaporates! The UN and none of its members will recognize the U.S. claim to the Hawaiian Islands as legitimate. By default, the Hawaiian Kingdom springs forward from its 130-year dormancy and enters a period of transition as the U.S. makes a peaceful orderly and graceful withdrawal from our islands.

The Hawaii Nation Rises! Hoala hou Lāhui Hawaiʻi!

P.S. The rescinding of UNGA Resolution 1469 will also nullify Alaska statehood.


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