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Progress At The United Nations, Return Of Makua Valley & Latest Mauna Kea News

The May “Free Hawaii News” show which airs this Friday May 6th at 6 PM on `Olelo Television Channel 53 on O`ahu will have important new information about progress for Hawaii at the United Nations as well as updates on the proposed return of Makua Valley to Hawaiians and reasons why HB 2024 would be detrimental to the protection of Muana Kea. 

Brought to you by the Koani Foundation, Free Hawaii News airs the first Friday evening of every month on channel 53 of `Ōlelo Television on O`ahu at 6 PM. 

The purpose of the show is to present Hawaiian or kanaka maoli perspectives on a broad range of topics and issues affecting the Hawaiian Islands, the Pacific and the world. 

The hosts of “Free Hawaii News” are Leon Kaulahao Siu and Hinaleimoana Wong. 

Leon Siu has for many years served as Foreign Minister of the Hawaiian Kingdom. He is active in that role at the United Nations in both New York City and Geneva, Switzerland. Besides being a diplomat, he is also an award-winning musician, composer and political analyst. 

Hinaleimoana Wong is a kumu hula, filmaker, cultural activist, Hawaiian language speaker, preservationist and community leader. She has served as a member of the O`ahu Island Burial Council. 

“Free Hawaii News” was specifically created by the Koani Foundation as the successor to the long running “First Friday” show hosted by Mililani Trask on `Ōlelo Television in order to continue the tradition of sharing Hawaiian insights on a broad range of issues with the people of Hawaii. 

“I am excited to give my blessings to both Leon Siu and Hina Wong and ʻFree Hawaii Newsʻ to carry on this important tradition, states Miliani Trask. 

“I look forward to watching ʻFree Hawaii News” the first Friday of each month. ʻFree Hawaii Newsʻ has my enthusiastic endorsement and approval.” 

After the initial airings on `Ōlelo, each episode of “Free Hawaii News” will be posted online on You Tube, Facebook and other social media sites for viewers to see. 

The hour long show features remote reports from Hawaiians in various communities about issues in their areas.