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The 150th Kamehameha Day...
The state of Hawaii legislature recently passed a resolution recognizing Lā Hoʻihoʻi Ea (Sovereignty Restoration Day) as a significant event and holiday of the Hawaiian Kingdom. News reports said it was the first Hawaiian Kingdom holiday acknowledged by the legislature. It is not. That holiday is Kamehameha Day.

In fact, today, June 11, marks the 150th Anniversary of the celebration of Kamehameha Day, an official holiday of the Hawaiian Kingdom that continues to be earnestly celebrated by none other than the State of Hawaii. How cool is that? And how ironic!

The State of Hawaiiʻs primary argument against Hawaiians who assert that they are Hawaiian Kingdom subjects (or nationals) — living in the jurisdiction of the Hawaiian Kingdom, not the jurisdiction of State of Hawaii — is that the Hawaiian Kingdom no longer exists.

Yet every year (except for the covid years), the Stateʻs Kamehameha Day Celebration Commission mounts an all-out celebration of Kamehameha the Great, the founder of the Kingdom that the State claims ʻno longer existsʻ... but yet admits (through the U.S. 1993 Apology and in many of its own legislation) that in essence the Kingdomʻs sovereignty was never relinquished or extinguished. The celebration of Kamehameha Day is evidence that the Hawaiian Kingdom is alive!

On the other hand, where is the “Statehood” celebration? The State has not held a celebration in over 12 years! Yes, there is an official “Admissions Day” holiday in August, but there is no commission or committee designated to plan events, no parades, no gatherings, no parties, no speeches... nothing. It appears the State is ashamed and would rather not make a big deal about its birthday.

The tide has turned. Public doubt is growing regarding the legitimacy of the State of Hawaii... even within the ranks of state legislators and officials. More people turn out for Hawaiian actions and events than for anything else. Interest and support is growing and the nation is rising.

Two generations grew up reconnecting to their language and culture and learning about the great nation founded by Kamehameha, a nation nurtured into an amazing, progressive Kingdom by his successors and our kūpuna. We now have two generations who grew up hearing the truth of what happened to our sovereign nation and learning the profound way of kapu aloha to make things pono for the future... a Free Hawaii... 

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Ua mau ke ea o ka ʻāina i ka pono. The sovereignty (life) of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.

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