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International wrongful act by the UN… 

In 1946, the newly formed United Nations decided to identify peoples and nations that had not yet “attained a full measure of self-government” and to assist them in attaining self-government — in other words, to undergo decolonization. UN Members identified and submitted their colonies, possessions, and occupied territories — about 100 of them — to the UN list of Non-Self-Governing Territories (NSGT). 

The United States put Alaska, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and Hawaii on the list. But Hawaii didn’t belong there.

By 1946, the Hawaiian Kingdom had already “attained a full measure of self-government” over 100 years before! The Hawaiian Kingdom was a formally recognized self-governing sovereign State, a subject of international law under bi-lateral and multi-lateral treaties with dozens of sovereign States, including five treaties with the United States. The Hawaiian Kingdom was a member of the Universal Postal Union; and had 137 embassies and consulates in 26 countries around the world!

The Hawaiian Kingdom was undeniably a country that had already “attained a full measure of self-government” and had done so over 100 years prior to the birth of the United Nations itself. The Hawaiian Islands did not belong on the decolonization list.

The United States never lawfully acquired or extinguished the sovereignty of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Therefore, the US submission of Hawaii to the UN decolonization list was an act of fraud. And, inscribing Hawaii to the NSGT list in contradiction to Chapter XI of the United Nations Charter defining a Non-Self-Governing Territory, and against General Assembly Resolution 66, constitutes an international wrongful act by the United Nations.

That means the UN is complicit in the ongoing suppression of the Hawaiian Kingdom as a sovereign State; the destruction of Hawaiian nationality; the forced imposition of U.S. citizenship; the displacement and impoverishment of the Hawaiian people; the pillaging of lands and resources; the infliction of foreign economic, social and cultural systems; and turning a peaceful, neutral country into a menacing U.S. war machine, placing the people of Hawaii in imminent danger of annihilation by enemies of the  U.S. 

The Hawaiian Kingdom calls upon the United Nations, its member States, and the international community to stop supporting the United States’ illegal occupation of the Hawaiian Islands and to assist in the reinstatement of the Hawaiian Islands as a sovereign, independent, peaceful, neutral State, so we can normalize and resume proper international relations among the nations.

Ua mau ke ea o ka ʻāina i ka pono. The sovereignty of the land is perpetuated in righteousness. 

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