Sunday, January 28, 2024


"Trained To Be Leaders - A Visit With Kapua Kirkland" 

It all began as an idea to take struggling students at O`ahuʻs Nanakuli High & Intermediate School to a local farm to inspire them to do better scholastically. Instead the students, guided by educator Kapua Kirkland created their own local water reclamation project that ultimately took them all the way to Hawai`iʻs legislature making a very public stand advocating for cleaner water for Nanakuliʻs farms. Did we also mention they were flown to Las Vegas to ask for and receive support from Hawaiian Civic Clubs? Donʻt miss our amazing visit with Kapua as she tells us the story of how an unsuspecting group of her students rose to the occasion in a remarkable transformation to become leaders in their own community - Watch It Here


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