Friday, February 02, 2024


Plus Dangers Of Deep Sea Mining & Plans To Keep It Out Of Hawaiian Waters, How Hawaiians Were Fooled In The 1959 Statehood Vote & Our Popular “Kumu Hinaʻs Mana`o”

The February “Free Hawaii News” show airing tonight at 6 PM on `Olelo Television Channel 53 on O`ahu and online at reports on a new model of community-based tourism and the critical role Hawaiians will have in it.

“With more and more Hawaii residents being fed up with overtourism and Hawaiiʻs financial dependence on it, there is now a model of community-based tourism being suggested as a new way forward. The ʻRelationship Visitorsʻ industry is one that is relational in nature rather than transactional,” states Free Hawaii News co-host Leon Siu.

“Relational tourism involves visitors staying in the homes of Hawaiians and other residents rather than in hotels. It means visitors will get the opportunity to live with Hawaiian families, go work with them in their loi kalo or taro fields and other cultural activities as well as experience other real day-by-day events of Hawaiiʻs residents. Visitors who opt for this experience will go through pre-arrival training as well as a commitment to keep in contact with their local family hosts after they return back home.”

“While this new model of tourism would exist along side of conventional hotel-based vacations, the difference is that hotel-based tourists experience a fantasy of Hawaii concocted by US for-profit corporations, while relational visitors will experience the real Hawaii and its people.”

Our February show also reveals plans to mine waters surrounding Hawaii for deep sea minerals and the environmental dangers that poses.

“Deep sea mining is one of the biggest environmental threats to Hawaii that most of our residents are completely unaware of,” states Free Hawaii News co-host Hinaleimoana Wong. “Private foreign companies are quietly moving to legalize the use of giant undersea vacuums to extract minerals in Hawaiian waters which would result in billions of dollars in profits for them. Our seabeds are not for sale and never will be.”

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