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Hawaiʻi’s Lands…

Hawaiʻi’s monarchs understood international law. Which is why Kamehameha III saw that the way to protect his Kingdom’s sovereignty was to be recognized as a sovereign country. This was accomplished in 1843 when two of the most powerful colonizer nations in the world, Great Britain and France recognized the Hawaiian Kingdom as a sovereign state.

Even with that in place, just in case… King Kamehameha III wanted to further safeguard the lands of the Kingdom from foreign take-over. As the Monarch, he was not only the ruler, he “owned” all the lands of the Hawaiian Kingdom. But he realized that in the event Hawaiʻi got conquered by another country (or an internal regime change) the monarch’s lands, i.e. government lands, would be susceptible to takeover by conquest.

Under international law, the lands owned by the government would become the lands of the conqueror as spoils of war. But, privately owned lands would remain in the hands of the private owner. Aha!

Learning of this, King Kamehameha III initiated the Great Mahele, the major land redistribution, to move the vast majority of Hawaii’s land out of harm’s way. He converted most of the monarchial/government lands of Hawaii into private ownership, leaving only those lands necessary for government operations as government lands.

Private titles to lands were given to chiefs and commoners, with the largest portion to the King. Furthermore, much of the lands came with allodial titles to ensure these private lands would only be passed down to the person’s designated heirs, in totality and in perpetuity. These lands could not ever be sold or alienated from the heirs.

Unfortunately, when the puppet governments of the US took over in 1893, they began to help themselves to Hawaiian lands, carving them up and selling off pieces in complete disregard for Hawaiian Kingdom laws and international laws concerning private land titles.

It got worse over the years. Using their crooked judges, the US occupation and its local business and political collaborators wantonly plundered the lands of the Hawaiian people — even the allodial-titled lands of heirs of Kamehameha III and other Aliʻi (chiefs) — by ignoring the continuity and inviolability of private, allodial-titled lands.

The land fraud in Hawaiʻi is massive, pervasive and ongoing. Deprived of their inheritance, Hawaiians have been impoverished and driven off the islands by greedy foreigners, their corrupt judges and US puppet governments.

The good news is that is about to change. Along with the campaign to rescind UNGA Resolution 1469 at the UN, questions about the Lāhainā fire, Hawaiians who have been injured by these ongoing land thefts have been raising international challenges and seeking remedy for those abuses.

“Love of country is deep-seated in the breast of every Hawaiian, whatever his station.” — Queen Liliʻuokalani
Ua mau ke ea o ka ʻāina i ka pono. The sovereignty of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.

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