Friday, May 03, 2024


Also, Why Is Practically No One Aware Of The Militarization Of Hawaiiʻs Water? How Large A Role Did The Water Contamination Disaster At Red Hill Play In Bringing It To Light? Then A Fascinating Pacific Way About The Importance Of Showing Up, A New United Nations Update About Hawaiiʻs Shortest Path To Independence & Another Brand New Kumu Hinaʻs Mana`o.

The May “Free Hawaii News” show airing tonight at 6 PM on `Olelo Television Channel 53 on O`ahu and online at delves into the question about whether tourism in Hawaii can be fixed.

“Is tourism in Hawaii fixable or is Hawaii better off without it all together? And if it‘s fixable how exactly do we do that?” asks Free Hawaii News co-host Leon Siu. “That‘s a big question given that tourism came to Hawaii as part of the illegal US occupation of our Islands.”

We also address the issue of the militarization of Hawaii‘s water by the US military and what role the Red Hill disaster played in bringing that to light.

“It‘s amazing that so few Hawaii residents realize how militarized our water is by the US. It‘s one of the biggest issues in Hawaii today that practically no one is aware of,” remarks Free Hawaii News co-host Hinaleimoana Wong.

Our Pacific Way segment shows the value of simply showing up and why that‘s important for the Hawaiian culture, we report on the latest progress at the UN for Hawaii and our very popular Kumu Hina‘s Mana`o.

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Hinaleimoana Wong is a kumu hula, filmmaker, cultural activist, Hawaiian language speaker, preservationist and community leader. She has served as a member of the O`ahu Island Burial Council.

Leon Siu has for many years served as Foreign Minister of the Hawaiian Kingdom. He is active in that role at the United Nations in both New York City and Geneva, Switzerland. Besides being a diplomat, he is also an award-winning musician, composer and political analyst.

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