Friday, June 07, 2024


Why Are Mauiʻs Residents Saying “No” To Building Seven More Telescopes Atop Haleakalā? What Do Hawai`i Island Residents Think About Extending The US Armyʻs Lease For Pohakuloa Beyond 2029? Also Our Pacific Way Report On The 2024 Festival Of The Pacific Arts Held For The First Time In Hawaii, Why The Hawaiian Islands Have Never Been Specifically Named As Part Of The State Of Hawaii In Legal Documents & Another Fascinating Kumu Hinaʻs Mana`o.

The June “Free Hawaii News” airing tonight at 6 PM on `Olelo Television Channel 53 on O`ahu and online at reports strong opposition to US military plans of building seven new telescopes atop Haleakalā.

“The people of Maui are united in saying ʻa`ole,ʻ or ʻnoʻ to seven new telescopes being built on the summit of Haleakalā,” says Free Hawaii News co-host Hinaleimoana Wong. “Maui unanimously told the US military they donʻt want seven new telescopes at a recent public hearing and they also want the ones that are already up there taken down.”

We also cover the US militaryʻs push to extend their lease at Pohakuloa on Hawai`i Island beyond 2029 and local residentʻs virtually complete opposition to it.

Then our Pacific Way segment covers the 13th Festival of Pacific Arts & Culture which is being held for the first time in Hawai`i. “Ho`oulu Lāhui - Regenerating Oceania” will serve as the theme of FestPAC Hawai`i 2024, honoring traditions that FestPAC exists to perpetuate with an eye towards our future,” remarks Free Hawaii News co-host Leon Siu.

We also report on why the Hawaiian islands have never been specifically named as part of the state of Hawai`i and also our very popular Kumu Hinaʻs Mana`o.

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Hinaleimoana Wong is a kumu hula, filmmaker, cultural activist, Hawaiian language speaker, preservationist and community leader. She has served as a member of the O`ahu Island Burial Council.

Leon Siu has for many years served as Foreign Minister of the Hawaiian Kingdom. He is active in that role at the United Nations in both New York City and Geneva, Switzerland. Besides being a diplomat, he is also an award-winning musician, composer and political analyst.

“Free Hawaii News” is online at, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites.