Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Maui News - September 7, 2009

Those protesting against Hawai`i's statehood and 50-year celebration do not believe nor promote that only ethnic Hawaiians have a right to these lands. In fact, if people would stop avoiding the issue and begin to have some meaningful discussions, you'd quickly discover the real issue is about our national identity.

For example, if your tutu came from Portugal, Japan, Philippines, China, Korea, Puerto Rico, etc., in the 1800s and became a citizen of the Hawaiian Kingdom, you and all of your descendants are beneficiaries of the Mahele Land Trust (so-called ceded lands) and entitled to equal rights and privileges afforded to Hawai`i nationals.

US laws not only deprive Hawai`i nationals of their lands, they exclude non-Hawaiian nationals as well.

Let's be clear. State government and corporate oligarchy celebrate and perpetuate the Admissions Act, a true perversion of justice.
Opposing it is not an exhibition of disrespect to the people residing on our islands, but a demonstration of truth....

Foster Ampong

Kahului, Maui