Sunday, September 06, 2009


As good as Hawai`i Fake State protests were outside the Hawai`i Convention Center recently, what went on inside was even more interesting.

Panelists inside at the official 50th state celebration bluntly stated there was no annexation, the 1959 vote was fraudulent and therefore Hawai`i is a fake state.

But what they asked fake state Governor Linda Lingle to show them, put the Governor on the spot, because she couldn’t do it - it stopped her cold.

Then a few days after, in a live television interview, former Governor John Waihe`e admitted something that amazed everyone.

What were these two things? You’ll be amazed yourself. Find out this coming Wednesday on Free Hawai`i TV.

We broadcast our fascinating and exclusive interview with Hiko Hanapi on all islands this week.

Hiko and Ho`ea - the art project that has everyone talking – on Voices Of Truth – One-On-One With Hawai`i's Future.

MONDAY, September 7th At 6:30 PM Maui – Akaku, Channel 53
MONDAY, September 7th At 7:00 PM & FRIDAY, September 11th At 5:30 PM Hawai`i Island – Na Leo, Channel 53
THURSDAY, September 10th At 8:30 PM & FRIDAY, September 11th At 8:30 AM - Kaua`i – Ho`ike, Channel 52
SATURDAY, September 12th At 8:00 PM O`ahu, `Olelo, Channel 53
“Ho`ea - A Long Sought Vision – A Visit With Hiko Hanapi”

A first-of-its-kind native Hawaiian arts school, Ho`ea brings master artisans from throughout the Pacific to teach both indigenous & contemporary art to students ranging from young to old. Speaking for the first time about the project, Hiko reveals their goal – mentor students intensively to produce world-class art. Filmed at the Hawai`i Prep Academy in Waimea, you’ll soon see why this native fine arts school is uniquely like no other. – Watch It Here.

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