Monday, October 19, 2009


Movie Title Calls Hawaiian Princess Ka`iulani "Barbarian"

"Barbarian Princess" movie writer/director Marc Forby said that including the term “barbarian” in the movie’s title was meant to be ironic. "We wanted to draw attention to how Hawaiians were treated in the 1800s…”

Knowing that back then, the word “barbarian” was an insult to Princess Ka`iulani and all Hawaiians; and knowing that Hawaiians today consider it an insult, the real irony is that Forby chooses to continue the insult.

And for what? To attract “middle America” so they can know the story of Ka`iulani. I get it, the insult is a marketing ploy!

Forby said “this has never been about exploiting the Hawaiian people. I never knew it would get so heated. I thought the irony would be obvious."

Forby is obviously clueless. The true irony is that he has no qualms about blaring out a century-old racial slur on the movie marquee so he can sell more tickets. He does P.T. Barnum proud.

Forby apologized for “any offense the title has caused.” That’s good, but did he change the offensive title? No. So we Hawaiians will stack it with the other worthless apologies while the Marc Forbys continue adding insult to injury.

Leon Siu

Aiea, O`ahu