Saturday, October 03, 2009

A Free Hawai`i is a sovereign country with dominion, the right to join the UN, and fly it's own flag.

Under federal recognition and the Akaka bill, Hawai`i would technically become a "captured nation," meaning that international law could not prohibit the US from aggression and extermination of its indigenous Hawaiian population.

Even worse, native recognition would be conditional only after extinguishing Hawaiian Kingdom Citizenship political status (your right to exist.)

US law would not grant full autonomous self-rule and would in fact destroy territorial integrity which continues to exist right now, even as you read this.

Why reject federal recognition for a Free Hawai`i ?

Independence is a formal recognition of Hawai`i's territory and laws. It's citizens are not under US jurisdiction.

The Hawaiian Kingdom still has its own bill of rights, constitution and comprehensive complied laws.

Which future do you want to live in - as a captive of US occupation or in a Free Hawai`i?