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Maui News - November 23, 2010

When it comes to Hawai`i Kingdom sovereignty issues, the courts are like a mule with blinders. They are only allowed to see as far as what is legal under the state and federal constitutions. What is blocked from view is the "lawfulness" of the state of Hawai`i and its constitution.

Any actions (the Organic Act and Statehood Act) which are subsequent to an act of fraud (the Newlands Resolution) have no more lawful authority then the initial act of fraud.

For instance, if your car is stolen, the theft isn't made legal by altering the title and doing a paint job before selling it. The fact remains, the car is stolen.

Congress overstepped its lawful authority when it attempted to annex the Hawaiian Kingdom against the will of its people and government through the Newlands Resolution.

The theft of the Hawaiian Kingdom and alteration of the title was violation of international law.

The Organic Act (a new paint job coloring the title) was as unlawful as the initial theft. The Statehood Act (selling the car with unlawful title to the "state" of Hawai`i) did not make the initial theft lawful. It was simply one act of fraud piled upon two others.

As the Akaka Bill attempts to gain forgiveness for the previous piles of fraud, the pile from the mule just gets deeper. It doesn't change the nature of the pile.

How does one force the mule to remove the blinders and see that the emperor has no clothes?

Dan Taylor

Haiku, Maui

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